Python for Experiential Learning in Science and Engineering

This is the main theme at Science Hack Day India.

SHD is NOT just another Hackathon. It is an unconference style event full of activities for all age groups. It is fully packed with hands-on workshops like Science Toys and Soldering, Talks, Lightning Talks, Science Demos, Python programming workshops, Hacking Activities, Architectural constructions, High altitude baloon launching, Science Show, Laser Show, Fun Games with Science and many more...

At SHD India, we believe that Python programing language can change the way we learn and teach science. We will be experimenting with Python powered open source science lab tools like ExpEYES (Python Powered Science Lab),SEELablet (Python Powered Instrumentation Cluster) and KuttyPy (Connect to the outside world using Python -Microcontroller training utility).

Python Workshops

  • Python 101
  • Python Programming for Beginners - Hands-on workshop

  • KuttyPy - Connect to the outside world using Python
  • Hands-on workshop - Microcontroller training for beginners

To attend these workshops please book a single ticket and Register Here

Python based activities

  • Science Fun with sensors and transducers
  • Using SEELablet - Python powered instrumentation cluster

  • Bat Dectors
  • Make your own weather station
  • Python Powered Laser Show
  • Superimposing music and laser light

  • Chladni patterns and Lissajous Figures
  • And many more...

SHD India is attended by passionate pythonistas from all over India who are curious and motivated about ideas and innovations that can bring a positive change the society.