Who we are

SHD Belgaum isn’t an organization or a company - it’s just a loose grassroot network pf passionate people who are curious and motivated about ideas about ideas and innovations that can bring a positive change the society. The organizing team consists wholly of volunteers from the world’s of science, art, design, computing, technology, architecture and the intersections between. Our volunteers are from communitiesand orgs like PyBelgaum (Python Users Group), FossMatters, Mhadei Research Center, DGPLUG, PyLadies, ICFOSS, Reserved Bit, Python Pune and Galileo Astronomy Club

Most of us belong to Makerspace Belgaum.

Makerspace Belgaum

A creative learning centre which enables immersive and experiential learning. In the makerspace visitors are invited to explore a curiosity-driven exhibit, chat with a featured artist, or investigate a range of phenomena with artists, scientists, educators, and others by participating in a collaborative activity. Makerspace also makes available all the tools for kids to facilitate learning by exploring and experimenting.

Sankalp Bhoomi is our organizing partner.


Sankalpbhoomi -The farm resort, totally in tune with nature in its rustic uncorrupted state, stands testimony to saving nature. It was once an abandoned quarry, today natures glory restored. The resort resembles an enchanting oasis, with a thick set of trees, sprawling lawns, and a large lagoon surrounded by picturesque expansive rock walls as backdrop.