Belagavi is the fourth largest city in the state of Karnataka. Located close to Goa and Maharashtra, Belagavi is in itself a tourist destination owing to some very pleasant climate all round the year. Belagum is the anglicized version of the local name, Belgaavi. Lately, owing to the sweet dish named Kunda that finds its origins in Belagavi, the city has carved itself the name of Kunda Nagari.

By Road

Belgaum is directly accessible via National Highway 4. Belgaum is located 500 Kms from Mumbai, 500 Kms from Bangalore, 300 Kms from Pune and 550 Kms to Hyderabad. There are over night buses available from any of these cities and are very comfortable to travel in. The buses depart post 8 PM from all the above cities are arrive in Belgaum between 6 and 8 AM which is ideal to attend Science Hack Day

You can also take this opportunity to have a road trip since the path to Belgaum from anywhere has cities along the way. Goa is 150 Kms away from Belgaum and takes 2-3 hours by road

How to get to Belgaum from Mumbai
How to get to Belgaum from Bangalore
How to get to Belgaum from Pune
How to get to Belgaum from Goa

By Train

Belgaum Railway station has the code BGM. There are over night trains from Bangalore and Mumbai.

By Air

SpiceJet operates multiple flights to/from Belgaum that provide connectivity to all major cities.